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Please complete the attached form if you are considering surrender of your Yorkie, Yorkie mix, or other small breed dog to our rescue. We realize this form is a bit lengthy but please fill it out as completely as you can. It will help us better suit the needs of your pet.

You can rest assured that whenever you surrender your beloved dog to YROC he/she will receive love, care, and any necessary medical care while being fostered waiting for the perfect forever home. Also, we do our very best to match all of the fur babies in our care with the best, most fitting home possible. 

Surrendering your dog is an irrevocable decision; once surrendered, you release your rights as a pet owner. YROC does not return or readopt dogs to the surrendering owner. However we also know that surrendering your pet can be an emotional experience and we will do everything we can to help facilitate a comfortable transition for both you and your pet.


Please be aware that if you are surrendering a bonded pair, we will do everything we possibly can to make sure that your bonded pair are placed in the same new household. Sometimes it may take a while but these little bonded pairs deserve no less than to be adopted together into a new loving family. 

Once we receive your request to surrender a representative from Yorkie Rescue of the Carolinas with contact you asap. 

IMPORTANT - It can take hours or even days depending on the location to arrange a safe, successful transport to our primary location as well arrangements for transition to a foster home. Please... if you are contacting your friends and relatives to see if any of them would be interested in adoptiing your dog, DO NOT CONTACT US until all of those options have failed. Far too frequently we spend hours arranging a successful transport only to be told by the owner that they gave their dog to a neighbor, a friend, or a relative.... meanwhile we spent precious time arranging transport for you when we could have been spending that time for another dog in serious need. Please be respectful of our time. Thank you for your consideration and understanding. 

Surrender Form:

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